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Jumper Class rules

For all jumper classes offered at DLSC Hunter shows
  • Green Jumper- Fences to 2”

  • Beginner Jumpers - Fences to 2’3”

  • Intermediate Jumper- Fences to 2’6”- 2’9”


All classes will have a starting order. If the rider has a clean round they will immediately ride their jump off round.


Year End Awards: Year end awards will be presented for a single Jumper division.  Points will be earned in each class shown based on placing within that class: 7 points for 1st place, 5 points for 2nd place, 4 points for 3rd place, etc.   Riders showing in all 3 classes at any single show will only earn points for placings in the 2 higher level classes.  If riders wish to partake in lower classes, they are encouraged to show H.C. to allow for lower level competitors to earn points fairly.


Jumper classes will be run based on Table II, Sec 2(b) —The first round and first jump-off, if any, are decided by adding together the faults incurred over the course and any penalties for exceeding the Time Allowed. If a competitor has gone clean in the first round, the competitor will, without leaving the ring, upon an audible signal, commence the designated jumpoff course. A competitor with a clear round may dismount, and with assistance if necessary, adjust tack and/or equipment; however, upon the audible signal to begin his/her round, the competitor is responsible to adhering to the 45 seconds rule as per JP136.3. A competitor who leaves the arena after a clear round (before or after the tone) will be considered to have retired from the jump-off. If there are no clean rounds and a tie exists for first place, there will be one jump-off in which time will decide in the event of equality of faults.


It is recommended that no more than ten numbered obstacles be included in the first round when the class is scored under this table. The speeds and heights for the 3 DLSC recognized jumper classes are low and slow.


Running fast and flat over small jumps can be dangerous for both horse and rider. Show management reserves the right to eliminate any rider in the jumper classes who is determined to be riding dangerously.

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