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2023 DLSC Medal Standings

The list below is the current points accumulated by our DLSC Medal competitors.  Points are earned by placing in our Medal classes through the season, leading up to our final show that will host the Medal Finals.


Throughout the season we will update this list. Point earners above the line indicated have an invitation to participate in the Medal Finals at Sunnybrook in October.  Remember it only takes 10 points to qualify for the Medal Finals -- and 10 points are awarded for winning at any single show.  There is still time to qualify!!

Points updated through September 1.

Addison Faust

Cat Waltemire

Lydia Westerfield

Amelia Bush

Alexa Deaton

Aurora Ker

Elizabeth Liames

Arabella Humphrey

Kat Wood

Payton Wilmoth

12 points

12 points

12 points

10.5 points

10 points

10 points

6 points

5 points

4 points

4 points

One more chance to qualify for finals!!  See you at The Riding Centre on Sept 9!

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