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DLSC Medal

DLSC Medal class is a season long competition. Riders participate in both a jumping round and a flat class (W/T/C).  Each portion counts for 50% of the rider's final score.

Ribbons are awarded at each show, first through sixth.  Class winners will also be awarded a DLSC Medal at the Year End Awards banquet.

In addition, riders will also earn points towards gaining an invitation to the 2023 DLSC Medal Finals to be held on October 14th at the Sunnybrook hunter show.  A minimum of 10 points is needed for an invitation to the finals.  Points must be earned by September 20th and are awarded as follows:

  • 1st place = 10 points

  • 2nd place = 6 points

  • 3rd place = 4 points

  • 4th place = 2 points

  • 5th place = 1 point

  • 6th place = 1/2 point

** classes must have 3 total entries to earn a winners medal and full points.  Less than 3 entries will be awarded ribbons and half points towards the finals.

If more than 12 total entries, the top 12 scores from the jumping phase will compete in the flat class (due to safety concerns).

Management may split the class JR/SR if entries warrant

Medal Class entry fee: $25.00

  • Riders select the height of their jumps: 18", 2'-2'3", or 2'6"-2'9". Riders may only jump at one height per show.

  • After all jumping is finished, all riders come back and compete head to head in the flat class.

  • Both portions of the class are judged on seat, hands, guidance and control of the horse.

  • Medal classes are equitation classes and thus points follow the rider, regardless of horse used at each show.  In addition, Professional Riders are not allowed to compete in any Medal Class.

2023 DLSC Medal Finals
Saturday, October 14
Sunnybrook Training Center, Troy

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