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Keep track of your 2022 year end points here! 

Current standings are now linked below.  Points are valid through the end of July.  Remember, it takes 4 shows in a division to qualify for Year End Awards. 


With 2 Hunter and 2 Dressage shows left, we're winding down and this will be the last update on the standings (to allow for surprise at the Year End Awards Banquet).  On the lists are only those riders who have 2 shows already since with 2 left, anyone with less than 2 shows won't be able to qualify.


If you have any questions on your individual results, please contact Tammy at

2022 Current Standings
Hunter/Jumper Standings
Dressage Standings

Things to know about the current standings:

  • Standings are in alphabetical order by Rider First Name

  • Equitation division results have been combined - # of shows and points.  Remember Equitation division competitors may compete on more than 1 horse.

  • Current standings separate First Level scores from Percentage scores.  DLSC reserves the right to combine these divisions based on the final number of qualified participants.

  • 4 shows are required to qualify for Year End Awards, and all rides are automatically tracked.

  • Remember if you only rode in 1 or 2 classes of any hunter division, your scores do not count.  You must ride in all 3 classes of a division for them to count.

If there are any errors or you would like a breakdown of how your score was calculated, please contact Tammy at as soon as possible.

Remember, Year End Awards Banquet is scheduled for Friday, November 4!  More details will come but ALL are invited!!

If you have any questions on the results listed above, please contact Tammy at

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